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I am back with yet another seedbox review. this provider is I will keep it simple and upto the point (assuming you already know what a seedbox is and why would one need it. If you don’t, this post have some insights for you)

Here’s whats included in their starter package (EUR 5 Per month)

WebUI Access (Secure)
WebUI Access (non secure)
Kodi/XBMC, and WebDAV and  yea, there’s FTP

200 GiB storage with 100 Mbit bandwidth (upload / download). It’s a shared seedbox with up to 8 users per drive (and thus cheap), but the service was reliable and worth paying for. I was easily able to get 10-12 Mbytes per second download and upload rate on private trackers. Off course this could have gone up to 100 – 125 MBytes per second on Feral, but there’s price difference in both.

Personally; I would go with Feral. keeping in mind the storage ( 1 TB ) and bandwidth ( 1 Gbits per second), but only when I am not on a budget. For a budget seedbox, I would definitely go with the next time I need one. And here’s an screenshot highlighting the download/upload speed on download upload speed download upload speed

Feral Hosting – Helium review

Hi Guys,

It’s been a while since I have found the urge to review any seedbox hosting provider. The last time I wrote a review, it was about SeedboxBay.

This time, I will be reviewing feralhosting – helium plan. It costs £10.00 for 30 days or a month. It comes with 1 TB of storage and unlimited bandwidth on a 10 Gbits/S shared network. Notice ‘shared network’ here. It matters. Even though it was shared, I was easily able to get 100 – 150 MBytes/S bandwidth while downloading from private trackers, and 50 – 75 MBytes/S while uploading. 


Overall, it was a good experience. I have used their service for five days or so, as I already have a monthly subscription, and don’t have a need for two seedboxes at the same time.

So, dropped a cancellation request which was processed within ten minutes (no questions asked).

*Note that feralhosting allows cancellation within seven days.

I find their services reliable, affordable, and good at the same time. I will be purchasing helium with feral once my current subscription with ends. Hopefully, someone who is looking to get a seedbox will find this review helpful.

SeedboxBay Review

What is SeedboxBay?

It’s a service that allows one to download / upload torrents at a blazing fast speed. They promise 1 Gbps hosting, and their hosting packages starts from $ 4.5 a month (with 10% discount coupon). I have tried them for a month and thought I should share my experience with you who are looking for a torrent seedbox.

Why do one need a torrent Seedbox anyway?

  • When ones download / upload speed is limited (slow Internet connection)
  • When one want to hide himself (Using a seedbox allows one to store the downloaded data on seedbox server, and can download over HTTP/FTP)
  • When one needs to boost his ratio on a private torrent tracker. (Unlike normal home Internet connections, seedbox speeds are way too fast)

Torrent Download / Upload speeds on SeedboxBay server.

I have managed to get download speed ranging from 10-15 MB/s and upload ranging from 1-2 MB/s on public trackers (a bit high on private ones)

SeedboxBay download speed
An image showing download speed on SeedboxBay box.

I am on a slow speed Internet connection (1 MB/s) and I have managed to download at full speed from their HTTP servers using IDM, but I have read reviews from those on high speed Internet connection that says otherwise.

As far as box uptime goes, I have experienced downtime on multiple occasions. One of the reps told me that their servers reboot daily at 12:00 AM (UTC+05:00). Sometimes, I have seen them down for hours and they have said it must be me.

I understand they can’t offer top notch services, support for dirt cheap pricing. Anyways, I have discontinued my services with them because of the above mentioned, as well as I don’t find 100 GB storage sufficient for my needs. Luckily, I  have managed to find myself a better alternative and hopefully will stick with it.

Upwork sucks, what’s next?

Upwork (formerly oDesk) is one of the biggest freelancing sites out there. It has started as oDesk, then a merger took place between Elance, oDesk, and Upwork is born. We (freelancers) had high hopes with this merger, but Upwork has proved us wrong. When I say Upwork sucks, I mean it, check out why…

  • Site reliability has dropped down to its highest shitty levels!

Most of the times, the site is not accessible at all. Visitors are presented with various errors.

One such error is 504 – Gateway time out.

Upwork error. 504 gateway timeout
Upwork gateway timeout error

After retrying for a live version of the site for multiple times, the site often comes up with this error. error: 0

Upwork error: 0
Upwork error: 0
  • Upwork is aware of these issues, but is failing to fix.

A lot of people are raising voice about continuous service disruptions on Upwork Facebook page and the best I have seen from Upwork’s end is apology, and a promise that it won’t happen again. I realize it’s good to apologize when it happens once or twice, but apology won’t do any good if it’s down every other day.

Upwork users raising voice about service disruptions on Facebook
Upwork users raising voice about service disruptions on Facebook

Update: 14th Nov, 2015

It looks like sites reliability has come back to normal standards.

In the past few weeks I have gone through multiple freelance sites out there such as Guru, freelancer and peopleperhour, but failed to find a ‘true’ alternative for Upwork. While Upwork allows freelancers to take tests without any fee, its competitors will charge you upfront to take tests in order to build your portfolio.

Personally; I hate that! Why charge someone who don’t have a job and is building his portfolio on your platform? If the person would have enough money, he wouldn’t be registering on your site and taking tests to land some job.

To cut the long story short; there are multiple freelancing sites out there, unfortunately, I am yet to find one that is freelancer, not client centric. feel free to share it in comments.

Update: 3/11/2016

Today, not only their site is down (as usual), but the time tracker is broken too. That means; no time tracking and hence no payment. lol, great job Upwork!

Upwork maintenance
Upwork maintenance
Upwork client - An unknown error has occured.
Upwork client – An unknown error has occured.

BigCommerce problems

Big Commerce is an eCommerce platform that allows one to sell both physical and downloadable goods. the vendors offers this as SaaS (software as a service) Although it has many good features, it has some serious limitations as well. I have used this software for years, and here is what I have found over time.


If you are moving from a different shopping cart to Big Commerce, you will be disappointed to know that they don’t allow import of existing orders. there is no such built in functionality. the export order feature exists, but there is none for import. Orders can be manually created though if you are looking for a last resort.

Big Commerce import orders
Big Commerce doesn’t have a builtin functionality to import orders.

Faceted Search aka product filtering

They don’t used to have this feature. that is; the ability to filter by options such as size, color, style, etc. Now, that they have it. they are not offering this to every client, but those on enterprise plan only. it’s part of their effort to make standard, plus clients upgrade to enterprise. I think this is a basic feature and should be available to all.

Big Commerce faceted search
Faceted search is not available to all client, but those on enterprise only.

Product Reviews

For those migrating to Big Commerce from other platforms, might have to compromise on their existing product reviews. Big Commerce don’t have the ability to allow reviews import. the only way to add a review is by manually adding it as a real customer does. Imagine how much time it would take if there are 100’s of reviews.


In Big Commerce, you don’t have the ability to export all customer data. that is; customer passwords can’t be exported. be it encrypted or plain text, this is simply not possible. If you are ever going to move customers from Big Commerce to some other shopping cart, you will have to ask your customers to reset their passwords.

Big Commerce customer passwords
In Big Commerce, customer passwords can’t be exported.

Web pages, blog posts

There is no import or export for these. that means one can’t take backup of his blog posts or custom webpages in Big Commerce. if backup can’t be done, it won’t be possible to use this data when one is switching platforms. Again; the only way is to manually copy each and every blog post, web page into a text file to back it up.

Some other problems…

Big Commerce is a hosted platform and there is no direct access to software source code (PHP) or database (MySQL). the only thing that store owners have control over is the look and layout of their store design. they have no control over functionality. they don’t allow write access to /root directory. store owners are not even allowed to upload a custom sitemap file. Same goes for .htaccess they don’t give access to this file no matter how badly you need it.

They have discontinued FTP a while back. now, the only way to download or upload content to the remote server is by using WebDav. Personally; I find it slow when compared with FTP.

How to earn from odesk – best practices

oDesk (now UpWork) is one of the best freelance sites out there. I have been with them for four years, and worked on multiple projects since then. both hourly and fixed price jobs.

Over time I have learned, and am writing this blog to share what I have learned so far. 

  • Give priority to hourly jobs over fixed price.

To increase the no# of hours worked, give preference to hourly jobs on oDesk over fixed price. No matter how long it takes you to complete a fixed price job, you won’t be using time tracker, and thus your profile won’t get any benefit from it. hourly jobs will not only help you earn, but make your profile strong at the same time. needless to say; the more hours you have worked on oDesk, the more beneficial it would be for you.

  • Work on your profile, make it stand out!

Give your profile a good looking title, add skills and a video if possible. It would be great if you get those skills tested by taking oDesk tests. anyone can add skills to their profile, but only those who have taken skill tests would be able to prove that they are tested professionals. there would be a check-mark next to their skill.

oDesk tested skills
Tested skills will have a check-mark next to them.
oDesk skills tested hover
Hovering over any tested skill will show more information.
  • Availability, groups, portfolio, and tests

Set your availability to tell clients that you are available for so and so hours of work each week. Join groups related to your skill set. Many a times, you will find jobs that requires you to be a member of specific oDesk group for you to apply. Example; customer service jobs requires you to be a member of pro customer service group.

oDesk groups
Sometimes, one needs to be a member of specific group to apply.

Work on your portfolio to make it stand out. add recent projects, experiences, or whatever you can think of to showcase. Finally; take as many tests as possible and try to pass them with good marks. You may, however, fail or score below average in some. hide those tests from appearing in your profile. If you look at my profile; you will see that I am only displaying those tests in which I have scored top 10, 20

oDesk tests
oDesk tests in which I have scored top 10, 20%

Once you have completed the above check-list, start job hunt! make use of their filter. they allow you to filter by hourly, fixed price. hide all those employers who have never hired (probably new clients), etc. When you think you have find a suitable gig for yourself, be calm to read the job description at least twice. give it a couple of minutes to prepare your cover letter, and think of the price that you should quote for it. Don’t quote too high. keep in mind that you are not the only freelancer bidding on it.

Getting a project on oDesk (or other freelance sites) is more of a hit and miss thing. don’t get upset if you don’t get a response back. Realize that there are other candidates, and the employer may have found a better one, or might have changed his mind, or possibly busy in other tasks and failed to reply to your proposal.

I hope these points will help you get your dream job. feel free to make use of the comments form below if you have anything useful to add or have any questions about what we have discussed. want to check myself on oDesk? Faraz Moin on oDesk (now UpWork)

BigCommerce Nulled?

BigCommerce Nulled?

Big Commerce is a shopping cart software that’s free to try for 15 days, but is paid to use afterwards. The software comes with a number of useful tools and features one would need to run a successful virtual shop aka e-shop. Feel free to check out the full feature list on this page >  Big Commerce feature list. 

Are you looking for a nulled copy of BigCommerce?

If you are reading this page, you were probably searching for a nulled copy of bigcommerce, and ended up here. Well, believe me you have landed on the right site. I am not going to give you a nulled copy of bigcommerce to use, or a download link to it, but I will definitely answer your questions.

  • Does there exist a nulled copy of BigCommerce? I can’t seem to find it anywhere?

You can’t find it anywhere because it doesn’t exist. Big Commerce is a hosted platform, which means they don’t give access to software source code, but host it on their own private servers. Without access to the source code, it can’t be nulled.

  • But they were able to nullify InterSpire. Isn’t that Big Commerce sister company?

They were able to nullify InterSpire because unlike Big Commerce, InterSpire shopping cart wasn’t hosted. Once a license was bought, the license holder is allowed to download the PHP source code. That’s all it takes to nullify any PHP script. Without source code access, it can’t be done.

  • So this means there is no such thing as nulled Big Commerce, right?

Exactly, there is no such thing. If you have used this software, and are willing to continue using it for your e-shop, get yourself a monthly or annual subscription. I am afraid, there is no other way. There is no point wasting your time on search engines looking for a nulled aka free version of it.